Toward a culture of awakening

Toward a culture of awakening

Dear  Reader, for me the most fertile and appealing questions are those that lead to deeper questions, in appreciation of patterns that connect. I've written these articles in that spirit. I hope the questions they raise will intrigue and delight you as much as they have done for me.

Mindfulness in a nutshell -
the sideways glance at what's hidden in plain view

On awakening the intuitive mind as part of a modern lifestyle -
a perspective on intuition, for hardcore realists

river bank

Drawn from memory -
an artist's intriguing experiments with memory

A few remarks on human motivation -
everyone is an addict of one kind or another

How not to be held captive by the conscious mind -
bask in the glare of raw experience

Zen and non-zen -
a few words about the incidental organic side effect we call the "self"

No time but space -
consciousness and time are figments of each other

Dreamleaper -
a tale of existential insomnia

On how we end up where we've always meant to go -
one way that believing in destiny might make sense

The root cause of human suffering -
pain is not what causes suffering


On the cultural roots of prosperity -
cultural values that lead to a flourishing society

On personal identity and the effects of privilege -
relationships are what define you

A step beyond stardom -
how hyper-individualism undermines personal freedom

Is there an ecologically beneficial alternative to natalism? -
the environmental problem no one likes to face


On what space exploration says about the soul of a society -
if curiosity were the primary human need

What makes the rats keep racing -
why the world gets more competitive, not less, as it grows more prosperous

Mindstyles and the workplace in 2024 -
video game players will rule

On the value of refinement -
the economics of sophisticated tastes

The brick -
a tale of deadly superstition in a world that knows better

Research as small enterprise -
how startups could challenge academia in basic research

On strengthening the link between capital and value -
why money isn't the best measure of value

golden gate bridge

Eight barriers to effective listening -
how to save the world through better listening

From a listener's perspective -
communicate more effectively by helping your audience listen more effectively

Mindful listening -
overcome barriers to effective listening through mindful awareness

Collaborative conversation -
communication styles that support co-creativity

Using interviews to think collaboratively -
collaboration through structured listening [now in draft]

Deploying intelligent collaboration -
the power that comes from being power-free

sunset over glass

Pi and the Plasmoids -
the meaning isn't in the message

Eight habits of enlightened civilizations -
qualities shared by healthy, open, adaptive societies [now in draft]

A case for making voting a legal obligation -
democracy needs mandatory voting to stay healthy

On the rise of the radical religious right and the breakdown of democracy in the United States -
the Christian religious right in America is not so different from Islamic radicalism in the Middle East

A brief letter from the future to the United States -
if religious fascists overthrow the U.S. government

Alternatives to using prisons -
tolerance has no threat more serious than crime

On the creative effects of drift -
how enmeshed design reveals itself over time

Lincoln's choice -
the American South would be more like South America if Lincoln had let it go

walden pond

On self-directed learning as an end and means for education -
education in the digital age is a waste unless students learn how to learn without teachers

How to learn a language -
just start using it for what you want to use it for


Some books that have inspired me -
strewn along my path of awakening

Fitness as meditation -
mens sana in corpore sano and all that... my personal approach to fitness

Self-evolving systems -
questions about what makes living things alive

Serial eco-novel -
imagine a world with life-friendly high technology

Freedom beyond words -
previewing the impact of transliteracy

Poems -
some fun with words

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