The modern world is in the process of global digitalization. The impact of information technology has become widespread, so computerized devices have spread across the planet and become an integral part of everyone’s life. Moreover, the progress in the IT world has led to the popularisation of mobile devices, and they have become a replacement for personal computers for many users today. With smartphones and tablets, people can optimize their professional tasks, develop businesses, make their educational activities comfortable, and spend leisure hours.

No mobile device would be functional without mobile software. Developers create new mobile apps daily, so each has its purpose. Mobile apps for the Jet X online are one example of software for businesses and customers that helps users access entertainment anytime and anywhere. Smartphones have made our lives more comfortable and exciting, and that is their key advantage for us.

The gaming industry would be imperfect without mobile devices. Today, many studios release ported games for devices based on Android or iOS. Moreover, the mobile application system is in progress. We offer you some interesting facts about the evolution of mobile applications and the impact of innovation on such mobile projects as the JetX bet game. Have a pleasant reading.

Jet X online
Jet X online

The world of mobile applications: development features

The mobile application industry has become one of the fastest-growing businesses. Developers work hard to create enough tools for global business. First of all, let’s understand the types of mobile software.

Native applications

That is, the mobile software developers create for a specific platform, the operating system. Users install it on their smartphones or tablets by themselves. Many online casinos ask studios to develop an official mobile app to complement their website. This application is suitable for Android or iOS operating systems.

Native applications have several strengths:

  1. High speed and interface response. The application reacts to screen tapping instantly. Failures in animation, scrolling, data retrieval, or output are eliminated.
  2. Easy access to smartphone functions and sensors. The developer creates mobile application parameters that allow the user to interact easily with such devices in the smartphone as geolocation, camera, speaker, and accelerometer.
  3. Such applications can work fundamentally with the functions of a smartphone. In other words, the developer can create complex interfaces and work with neural networks, so the results become the functions of this mobile application.
  4. The interface is native to the operating system. The fact that native applications operate platform elements of the interface, which are inherent to a particular operating system. Among them are menus, navigation, forms, and other design components from the particular OS. Each is familiar to users, so the mobile application is user-friendly.

Cross-platform applications

Cross-platform applications are developed for multiple operating systems. In such development, the specialist uses a programming language different from the native one. Many online casinos prefer to order the development of cross-platform applications.

The advantages of native applications are equal to the quality of a cross-platform mobile application. Twice as many customers will come to your business if you have a mobile app that fits more than one operating system; for example, some online casino apps allow users to bet the Jet X with a login, which they can use on smartphones on any operating system.

Innovative technologies in the development of mobile applications

In the development of mobile applications, several essential trends influence their progress:

  1. Artificial Intelligence. This technology allows developers to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into mobile applications. Thanks to this, apps could grow to a new level of content personalization.
  2. Virtual reality. Modern developers are actively experimenting with virtual reality technology. This technology gives players an exciting user experience in casinos and online gaming apps.
  3. 5G technology. More and more developers are starting to implement the fifth-generation Internet communication standard. This technology gives mobile applications significant advantages. For example, users can use cloud computing and play online games on smartphones if the software maintains 5G technology.
Casino bets
Casino bets


Mobile technologies have become an important component of modern society. Their impact on different fields of activity, like labor and entertainment, is huge. Many innovative technologies have brought them endless progress. Among them are artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, 5G technology, and blockchain.

Without these innovations, the world would be many levels behind. Many companies consider this progress and the importance of information technology and create official mobile applications that help them engage new customers and expand their business.

The entertainment industry relies on the popularity of mobile technology today. Many gaming studios develop and release projects, like the Jet X demo, to expand their customer base. At the same time, the gambling community does not stay away from this progress and creates special chats and channels where like-minded people in the betting world share some Jet X game tricks, for example. Mobile technology has had a tremendous impact on the entertainment industry, so in the future, gamers will probably get new-generation projects that will surprise millions of users with their innovations.