Fear of programming often stifles enthusiasm and puts you off developing your mobile utility. But this is the wrong direction: you should always maintain sight of such a profitable market to build your business.

Entering the mobile app market today is much easier than ever: you don’t need any programming knowledge or experience. Regardless of your company’s goals, you can use several excellent programs to create a robust and secure app. Let’s examine the best programs in this niche and closely review their features.


This mobile app builder has one distinctive and convenient feature: it allows you to create software automatically. Of course, the features of Alstrapp do not end there. This builder also supports different programming languages – you can make a utility in your most desired language, and it can be anything from Java to C++.

Another incomparable advantage is the independence from the service resources and guaranteed source code for a low price. There is an opportunity to try the demo version.

App Inventor

App Inventor is a highly convenient and practical site with everything you need: the creators train you on all the local tools. There are also various tutorials here in case you run into difficulties. The paramount convenience of this service is that you can use it to create utility projects as quickly as possible – it usually takes only half an hour to develop good software.

App Inventor


Another system that will give you a restful sleep without dreams of complicated code. Writing it will take the shortest amount of free time possible. The APK file will be created after the first 30 seconds of work, which means you can get your software up and running quickly, more people will see it, and your creation will be reduced to a few steps or clicks, from idea to implementation.

Training and technical support are available on the site. These guys are interested in making the software work and pay off. They use additional ways to monetize the app for this purpose.

Kalipso Studio

This service is positioned as an app generator and supports all popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc. What’s handy about Kalipso Studio is that utilities here can be created using an immersive approach: dragging and dropping components by drag-n-drop.

All utility elements are fully customizable: You can cleverly change the interface and functionality. The only disadvantage of Kalipso Studio is that you need to know the programming language at least at a minimum level. This is not a critical minus; you must remember and be prepared for this situation.


MobinCube has a handy and practical visual editor to create applications whose functionality can be significantly expanded with premium features. By the way, if you’re an advanced user, you can try to edit the application’s source code – MobinCube has such a possibility, and it’s lovely.

Once you’re done with your project in this builder, you can run tests on it. Further support in the form of Google Analytics monitoring is also present. In a hurry? Not a problem. MobinCube has ready-made templates tailored to various business needs, from event registration to appointment booking.