RedBox TV is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets on Android that will give you a large selection of TV channels with TV shows that broadcast online, with movies, entertainment projects, cartoons, sports events, news, and many other types of content.

This program has a unique built-in standard video player that you can use to view channels and other videos from your device. However, you can easily stream content from this program from any familiar second player.

APK files

To start using this application, you should download the Redbox TV APK. If you didn’t know, the APK extension is assigned to Android operating system application installation files. In that case, if the users are accustomed to downloading and installing only from Play Market, their application store independently conducts all procedures. In the case of APK files, you will have to perform particular operations manually.

Your overall procedure is as follows:

  1. First, you should visit the site directory where your can APK download.
  2. You will have to download this to your device from there.
  3. Then, you should find the downloaded APK file and initiate it with one click.
  4. After activation, the installation will start instantly and will pass automatically.
  5. Once the program is installed, you should delete the downloaded APK file that you do not need anymore. This ensures that it does not take up space in your device storage.

You can see that the process of installing the APK file differs little from the automatic installation of programs through the Play Market. So there’s nothing complicated here. In the same way, you can, for example, install the Filmy4wap App to watch Indian TV series and movies and any other programs.

Filmy4wap App

Channel collection

The RedBox TV app will allow users to access a vast collection of live TV channels from 15 countries — Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, the USA, Germany, Brazil, and many others. TV channels are presented with a broad subject that covers such areas as science, sports, children, history, religion, and many others. Also, it will show you some popular world languages that will make your interaction with this program.

You can sort content by categories, each with a set of channels. You can also use the search string if you type keywords or a channel name. In addition, you can customize the interface for yourself by setting your favorite tabs and hiding those you don’t want to see. Once you have configured the interface according to your preferences, you can password-lock the workspace you created before, and you mustn’t remove it accidentally.


RedBox TV will give you several ways to watch live streams. You can use the built-in video player that the developers of this program have created, which will display your default videos. But if the built-in video player is unsuitable, you can choose software from third-party manufacturers.

In the latter case, RedBox TV will offer you to install the right program by itself, providing you with the to do it from several of the most popular players. After you select the appropriate option, you must point the system to this option to make it play video files through this program.

After your first video viewing, the RedBox TV will offer to save the selection of a new player in the settings of this program, and the content will immediately be broadcast through it the next time.

RedBox TV

Essential information for RedBox TV app

  1. This program contains a collection of TV channels from around the world.
  2. Its interface supports several popular languages.
  3. The user can select a standard or external player.
  4. You can download and use this program for free.
  5. RedBox TV is compatible with all current versions of Android.