If you are a publisher of digital magazines or books, the best decision you can make is to choose the publishing app that best fits your and your customers’ needs. There are many apps to choose from, depending on your preferences. In this article, we’ll break down the best ones. Let’s get started!


FlipHTML5’s ability to create realistic digital magazines and brochures will amaze you. It is superior to many more expensive options, so FlipHTML5 is a powerful utility that is not bad for beginners. You don’t need external file converters, which is a massive advantage because the program can quickly convert images, PDFs, and documents into eBooks with stylish animations and beautiful layouts.

HTML5 is often referred to as the future of web development, and this technology enables applications such as FlipHTML5. What else are the pluses of FlipHTML5? For example, it is much better at reproducing digital journals, unlike Macromedia or Adobe Flash. The price of FlipHTML5, as we said just above, is within reasonable limits.

This plus is very favorably complemented by the fact that the support team here is interested in user problems and helps solve them as quickly as possible.  Overall, this is a must-have software for anyone interested in digital publishing, and if you need to decide if you want to invest in the premium version, you can always go for the free performance to see if it meets your needs.


Issuu is a storytelling platform and one of the first utilities to have an integrated cloud in its functionality. It’s called the Issuu Story Cloud here, and it’s just perfect for authors, marketers, editors, and companies of all kinds. You can easily create content with Issuu, which happens in just a few clicks. The main format Isuu works with is AMP, and all your content will be published in it. And that’s cool because it’s a trendy and in-demand format.

Among other Isuu features, we would like to highlight the following:

  1. The ability to share stories on various social networks.
  2. Create different collages and mood boards.
  3. Preview stories (you can enable or disable this feature for your visitors).
  4. Ability to add multiple cool animations.
  5. Ability to create a video for each content page so that it can then be easily shared on social networks.
  6. Ability to implement video saving feature on your device.


FlowPaper provides software for creating and viewing magazines, catalogs, brochures, and other printed publications. FlowPaper works with PDF files, which offers excellent quality while you view the files. What else can FlowPaper do? Lots of things. This utility can create unique and sought-after content, including flipbooks, EPUBs, slideshows, etc.

This program is also widely used to convert PDFs and brochures into flipbooks. But what’s cool is that with FlowPaper, you can convert PDF content to HTML5.


YouScribe is a French platform for sharing and selling digital publications. Using this utility is a straightforward way to publish almost any work or digital document to make it public and visible.

YouScribe is not just a place to publish your journals, it’s a network of interested people who like to get together and discuss what they’ve read and watched. And YouScribe allows you to create libraries of your favorite books and magazines, so you can always keep your favorite content handy and return to it whenever you want.